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Current Activities

Internet consultant :  Web site & graphics designer, Internet researcher, translator.
Proficient in all areas of content and production of media and web development. Variety of research, technical support and internet related assignments. Website design and maintenance, HTML, electronic and print graphics applications, music, video, streaming media, beta-testing, training, translations, intensive internet monitoring. On-going experimentation with emerging web-related applications and technology.  (Tools & Applications: HTML, FTP, fax/modem/IRC/chat/whiteboard/telephony, JAVA, Javascript, Adobe, Painter, Macromedia, Microsoft, WordPerfect, QuarkXpress, RealNetworks, Cakewalk, Xing, Nero, and many legacy DOS applications.)
References and URL's available upon request.

Proficiencies & Interests

Computers : Skilled in HTML, JavaScript, Quark Xpress, Adobe, Painter, etc. Thorough knowledge of  DOS, Windows, Web design and maintenance, Graphics, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Pagemaker, and many fax-modem-communication programs. Also skilled at hardware, software maintenance, program & spreadsheet set up and trouble shooting. Am equipped with desktop computers, laptops, redundant internet connections, FTP site, remote fax mailbox, scanner, video and still cameras, audio production and recording equipment, color and laser printers, dictation/transcription equipment, etc, for off-site work, telecommuting or overseas assignment.

Management Style : Willing and able to assume a wide variety of tasks in furtherance of a multi-disciplinary team-effort. Skilled in problem definition, facilitation and resolution skills, creative questioning & mediation skills, culturally and environmentally sensitive, well organized, tenacious, and intellectually curious.

Translating: French-English, English-French, including legal and construction codes, contracts, prose, correspondence, and presentation materials.  Interpreting of negotiations, teleconferences and official social events. Experience with French business management procedures, accounting, codes, payroll, computer software, construction terminology, practice, etc.

Research : As consultant, have researched myriad subjects from agriculture to zoology. Special interests include ecology, appropriate technology, population dynamics.  Have conducted field research in construction, tropical and self-sufficient architecture, biodynamic & subsistence farming, and family planning education.

Misc. skills : Mechanical and electronics aptitude, fine arts, sailing, first aid and survival skills...

Design Training and Background:  Architectural, Graphical and Industrial design, from luxury residential to low-tech construction solutions, including product and electronic prototypes. Familiar with real estate and construction development process from site analysis & acquisition, variance approval, through turn-key delivery and renovation. Special areas of interest include low impact design for sensitive areas such as wetlands, and off-grid locations; sick building syndrome, Bio-architecture, feng shui, and landscape design.

Project Management : Experienced in Construction Estimating, cost control, scheduling, training and guiding unskilled labor (multilingual), trouble-shooting, negotiations. Client, government, vendor, labor interface, etc.  Skilled at mediation and facilitation. Have, at various times, assumed the role of client, designer, design-builder, owner's representative/agent, cm, pm, general contractor, and vendor.

Management : As owner/operator of diversified design-build consulting firm for fourteen years, (administrative) have hands-on experience in all aspects of small business and construction management.

Foreign Languages:

Education & Licenses:


Prior Experience:

Jan 94 -  Sept 94  Writing sabbatical -  remote office service provider.
Completed second novel,  while maintaining several on-going consulting clients via fax/modem. Served as unofficial caretaker for private house in Berry Islands, Bahamas. Bartered technical skills (maintenance and repair of equipment, supervision and security) for rent and private air transportation.  Experimented in subsistence farming, catalogued local medicinal plants and their uses. Exchanged knowledge of plant propagation, transplantation, xeroscape and organic pest control with Bahamian and Haitian gardeners.

1980-1994 - Owner - Design-Build Consulting Firm,  Palm Beach FL.
Engaged in architectural and landscape design, general contracting. Product design, international code and market research, real estate analysis, environmental and energy conservation. Sole discretion for all aspect of the business : marketing, client relations, design, specifications, installations, (multilingual) crew scheduling and supervision, payroll, cost estimating, graphics, models, prototypes, presentations, accounting, book-keeping, personnel, computers, etc.

1992-1993 - Office Manager, (as free-lance consultant) Paris, France
EDSA (Edward D. Stone Jr. & Assoc., Planners and Landscape Architects) General administrative and organizational responsibilities, designed custom US/French bookkeeping system, provided translations (EuroDisney landscape design & installation contracts, technical manuals, competition and advertising materials, correspondence, etc.) coordination, via tel/fax/modem with Aix-en-Provence and U.S. offices, eclectic, unspecified range of duties performed on an as needed basis, including trouble-shooting in French & English for relocation of employees, household goods, vehicles and office equipment, attending social functions, marketing, travel, interpreting etc.

1978-1980 Technical Consultant, (as contractor) National Institute of Building Sciences, Washington, DC
Joined the institute in its start up phase. Assisted appointed staff members in design and project management of quasi-governmental research programs. (Jointly funded by congress and building trade associations) subjects included building energy performance standards, new product stewardship, analysis of codes and standards, etc. Duties included budget analysis, programming, contractor pre-qualification, selection, supervision, and assistance in preparation of final technical reports to HUD, DOE, OTA, & Congress.

1977-78 Management Trainee,  young engineers' program Research Cotrell, BoundBrook, NJ
Program included exposure to various engineering departments, design analysis, cost/benefit research of manufacturing and construction practices. Field inspection of large utility company installations, wind tunnel testing, technical writing and equipment redesign.

Early years -  Two years as PanAm flight attendant, (1972-1974)
                         One summer as a translator (Spanish) at the CIA. (1968?)