Dear South Coast Resident,

Learning holds the promise of “most alive” moments.

When we master a useful skill or understand an idea that matters, we feel more vital, more complete. “Successful learning gives us that rush of confidence which comes from competence,” says Ted Sizer. When we learn with others who share our pursuit, we build individual and community vitality. “Only a community can offer holistic education, and only a whole person can take it.... no school can do it alone,” writes Marilyn Ferguson.

Community education has long shown that learning is larger than schooling. Anyone of us, anywhere, at any time and any age, has something to teach as well as to learn in community. We think you'll see this rich giving and taking, this exchange of human vitality, in Corinna Rasnikov's photo portraits as you pass through the following pages.

The current catalog, our third, is half again longer than its predecessors. The South Coast Learning Network (SCLN) began last spring with 104 adventurous learners. Last fall our courses tripled, and registrants jumped to 519. Over 700 citizens registered this winter. More than 130 courses are listed for this spring; 70 are brand new. We're delighted to welcome to these pages, for the first time, the work of five other community education programs: Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical School, Community Boating Center, the Coalition for Buzzards Bay, the Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies, and the New Bedford Art Museum.

One thing is not new: SCLN instructors are experts who love their subjects. With these experts we hope you’ll chart your course for lifelong learning. Bring along a friend and share some “most alive” moments. Call us at 508.748.9792. Let us know what you want to learn.

Your sincerely,
Bartley B. Nourse, Jr.


Sandria R. Parsons